Our Story

We all know Merino is a wonderful fibre - it's natural, breathable and temperature regulating - yet after our son turned three, I really struggled to find Merino sleepwear in his size that was comfortable, vibrant and didn't cost the earth.  Two years on the same problem seemed to exist, so together we created our own.

I say together, because he's been across it from ideation to colour selection to photoshoot and as I type this, is soundly asleep in his George & Jane PJs. The kids love the colours and the comfort...and they actually delight in knowing they're wearing Merino. 

I have a womenswear label, which features Merino (along with other natural fibres like linen and cotton), so making childrenswear was in-part a sustainability project for that brand. We're working hard to bring wastage of this precious fabric down to almost zero.  Thank you for cheerleading and supporting this New Zealand Made sustainable children's clothing label.