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Cosy Cuff Kids Merino Pyjamas - Blue/Coral

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100% Merino Pyjamas for kids in blue/pale blue Merino stripe. The extra long cuffs are in stunning shade of bold coral cotton.  The long cuffs do more than just look great - they mean the pyjamas will fit your child for longer. Fold the cuffs back when they're smaller, then have them longer as they grow.

Another little trick for those very cold nights is to pull the cuffs down over their feet while they sleep...because being cosy counts toward a better sleep (for you too).

Merino is the ideal, natural, non-synthetic fabric for children to sleep in during the Autumn and Winter as it breathes, keeps the body at an optimum temperature, wicks moisture away and has a lovely soft natural stretch. 

Elastic waist: Please note that for safety reasons, comfort and durability, these pyjamas do not have a drawstring.

Cosy Cuff Kids Merino Pyjamas - Blue/CoralCosy Cuff Kids Merino Pyjamas - Blue/Coral